What type of oil do I need?

The vast majority of domestic boilers are fuelled by kerosene. However, there are a very small number that run on gas oil. If you have a sight gauge on your tank, kerosene is light yellow and gas oil is red.

If you are still unsure as to what type of oil you require, please discuss this with us when ordering or contact your boiler engineer.

Do you offer additives and what are their benefits?

We can provide both aga and boiler additives. The vast majority of our customers that use an aga have an aga additive added at the time of delivery. A growing number of customers are now requesting a boiler additive. Both additives offer greater efficiency and reduced carbon and sediment build up.

What is your minimum order?

Due to the calibration of the meters on our tankers, we are not permitted by Trading Standards to deliver less than 500 litres.

Does the price change if I order more oil?

Yes, it does. The cost of making a delivery to you is roughly the same irrespective of the volume delivered. So if you order a larger quantity we are able to offer a lower unit price per litre. Prices change at approximately, 500, 1,000, 1500 and 2,000+ litres.

Can you offer a discount if I order with a neighbour(s)?

Yes, normally we would calculate the unit cost of the oil on the total amount ordered rather than each individual amount.

Do you provide a top-up service?

Yes, if requested we can schedule deliveries according to your anticipated usage. We would, however, always contact you prior to delivering.

Do you offer a monthly savings plan?

Yes, you can pay us monthly and when you need to order the balance on your account will be deducted from your bill.

What is the VAT rate on home heating oil?

Domestic customers are charged VAT @ 5% irrespective of the volume supplied. For businesses, the VAT rate charged is 5% for deliveries of 2,300 litres or less and 20% for deliveries over 2,300 litres.

Do you have a smaller tanker as access to my property is quite tight?

Yes, we have a smaller 4 wheeler tanker for where access is restricted.

My oil tank is some distance from the road - will you be able to deliver?

The hose length is approximately 150 feet (45 metres). Please note that this measurement is in a straight line from the tanker to your tank and you must allow for any objects that the hose may need to go around to reach your tank e.g. sheds, buildings etc.

How do I know how much oil was delivered?

All deliveries are metered. The meter on the lorry is set, sealed and checked by Trading Standards. The delivery ticket will print the total number of litres delivered.

Do I need to be in when you deliver?

No, as long as the tank is accessible (e.g. any gates unlocked and tank locks removed), you do not have to be in. The driver will ensure any locks are put back on if requested. All our deliveries are metered and the printed delivery ticket will be left in your letter box.

How will I know when my delivery is coming?

We will try to arrange the delivery time when you order and if required we can text or call you on the day before your delivery.

I have run out of oil, can you do a same day/emergency delivery?

Depending on the time of year, we can usually offer delivery on the same day. However, please make it clear on ordering that you require a same day delivery and call as early as possible. If out-of-office hours, please leave a message stating your requirements as this will be dealt with before our office opens and will ensure that you are more likely to get a same day delivery.

When is the best (cheapest) time to fill my tank?

There are a number of factors that affect the price of oil. Global factors such as a decrease in the production of oil or unrest in oil producing countries will see prices rise as will increases in the demand for oil due to bad weather. Oil tends to be more expensive during the winter months when demand is high but during the summer months, competition amongst suppliers is strong and prices can be lower.

Finally, as oil is traded in US Dollars, the exchange rate between the US Dollar and the British Pound will have a huge impact on the price the customer pays. If the British Pound strengthens against the US Dollar, oil will become cheaper and if it falls the reverse will occur.